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Posted By: Don Firth
16-Nov-07 - 10:32 PM
Thread Name: Do you sing from Memory?
Subject: RE: Do you sing from Memory?
"The process of committing the words to memory helps in understanding what the song is about."

Absolutely! But please don't misunderstand what I'm saying when I say that I don't think having a crib-sheet within eye-shot is a hanging offense. I am not advocating reading the song rather than memorizing it. Most definitely not! Memorize the words and know the song (the two are closely connected, but they are not necessarily the same thing), and do not read from the crib-sheet when you sing before an audience. Stay in contact with the audience. But having that safety net there--to glance at only in case of a "senior moment"--can make for a much smoother performance and a more enjoyable experience for the audience. If a memory lapse should occur, a quick glance slaps a patch on it, and the song goes on smoothly and without interruption. If and only if.

I have not actually done it yet, but if I were to use crib-sheets in a live performance, I would not be lugging around a gunnysack full of books. It would be one three-ring binder containing only the songs I intend to sing in that performance.

And I'm only thinking about it.

Don Firth