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Posted By: Brendy
19-Nov-07 - 01:57 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Uileann mar
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Uileann mar
Hiya kat...

Just wondering if that is the proper spelling....: 'Oileann' is the Irish word for 'Island', and 'mór' means 'big'. 'The Big Island', in other words.

If this is the case, kat, then This poem might give a clue.

From the notes at the bottom of the page:
"The History of Flannan Island: Eilean Mor, The Island of the Dead, is a major island of Flannan Isles which is a group of 7 main islands with about 45 rocks and islets. Flannan Isles, also known as The Seven Hunters, is a uninhabited archipelago located 15-miles northwest of Lewis (Hebrides) island. Before the Flannan Isle Lighthouse was built, The Seven Hunters were a hazardous group of isles so named for destroying ships en route to Scottish Ports.
The Flannan isle lighthouse was built in by 1899 by David Alan Stevenson and Charles Stevenson Eilean Mor (Big Isle). The disappearance happened one year later; in December 1900, three lighthouse keepers at the new lighthouse mysteriously disappeared.
It was noticed on 15 December that the light had not been lit in the lighthouse, but bad weather prevented anyone getting to the island until 26 December. The lighthouse tender, the Hesperus, went to the island with a new set of keepers, but the three who were supposed to be there had gone - vanished. The lighthouse was deserted, with the lamps primed and ready for lighting. There was a diary entry made on the morning of 15 December that the lamp should have been lit, but no more.
Explanations put forward have included a freak wave, and a terrible row in which two were killed and the murderer committed suicide - but no bodies were ever found. Some accounts say there was a half-eaten meal on the table and that furniture had been overturned. A Board of Inquiry could not come up with an explanation, though the investigations are well documented."