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Posted By: Jack Campin
19-Nov-07 - 08:37 PM
Thread Name: Easy instrument to learn
Subject: RE: Easy instrument to learn
I have an old Schott alto too - mine is a "Concert" from c.1980 (pearwood? maple?) which a friend of mine gave me as she wasn't using it any more. It looks like a cheap school model with its crude streamlined shape and grotty brown varnish like 1950s Danish Modern furniture, but its intonation is dead on and it's got a terrifically focused sound, cuts through almost anything.

Sightreading different pitches of recorder isn't hard. Just do a lot of sightreading with the alto *only* for a while - three weeks should do it. Then reintroduce the C recorder again and learn to switch between them. After a couple of weeks of that, adding other instrument pitches is easy.

I don't do much sightreading with F recorders these days (mostly C and G pitches) but I can pick it up again instantly when I have to.