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Posted By: JenEllen
28-Apr-00 - 08:25 PM
Thread Name: BS: I Like Baseball
Subject: I Like Baseball
Okay, so it's all agreed we're Missin' Steve, but where are the baseball songs? Forgive me, and it's not meant as a gender slam in any way, but this one is for the girls.....

Summertime of '61, every Saturday
I'd take my own Spaghettios for dinner and I'd stay
My granddad was a quiet man doing crosswords in the chair
But he'd become a rabid fan with baseball on the air

We listened to the radio, we watched them on TV
Can't say I understood but it was magical to me
Especially the Yankees, we cheered for every move
And all those hours of Mickey Mantle finally would prove.......

That I like baseball, I watch it on the tube
I buy my tickets at the dome, go in and come unglued
I've been to Dodgers Stadium, seen the Sox at old Fenway
Oh I like baseball, even though I do not play

I had an uncle in New York who seemed to understand
One day he came to see us with presents in hand
He gave me not your usual doll, but cast in plaster of Paris
His bobbing head upon a spring, my idol, Roger Maris

But we girls weren't taught to throw the ball
The way that pitchers do
No matter how I swung the bat I only hit a few
Projectiles falling from the sky put fear into my heart
Too slow to run the bases well, it doomed me from the start
But I like baseball.....even though I cannot play

However, can you tell me just who it is to blame
That not since the '50's have women played the game
If they ever get a commissioner, the first thing she should do
Is put us back in uniform and we'll play hardball too
'Cause I like baseball....even though they don't let us play

Someday I'll be in heaven or in some such place above
And at the end of my outstretched wing will be a fielder's glove
I'll be batting homers completely out of sight
Me and Randy Johnson, we'll pitch at the speed of light
'Cause I like baseball...even though I do not play