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Posted By: GUEST,Edthefolkie
20-Nov-07 - 07:30 AM
Thread Name: Long-time british jazz musicians
Subject: RE: Long-time british jazz musicians
It's wonderful that Chris Barber and Pat Halcox are still out there gigging, nice to see them get a name check.

I came to the Barber band via Lonnie Donegan, a very old Ace of Clubs "Best of Barber" album I bought for 10 bob, and my mate Rod who was heavily into Barber's guitarist's playing (can't remember the chap's name - any ideas? It was around 1970). Barber's drummer at the time was Graham Burbage who had a touch of Ginger Baker about him (oh my God).

We used to go and see the band at the Dancing Slipper in West Bridgford - the audience was split between middle aged traddies and the younger element like us (sounds familiar). The older people did NOT like the guitarist. I remember the band had a sort of folk jazz fusion piece in a distinctly Balkan time signature on the setlist. It used to annoy the old chaps every time - "look, there he goes, turning up that **** amplifier again, why can't they do High Society instead". In fact they used to do High Society AS WELL, plus a lot of other New Orleans stuff, but there are hidebound folks in every musical area I guess.

I think Barber STILL doesn't get the credit he deserves. After all he has a good claim to have started skiffle in the UK amongst other things!