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Posted By: jonm
20-Nov-07 - 12:22 PM
Thread Name: BS: Slow car worship
Subject: RE: BS: Slow car worship
Too many young people get behind the wheel of cars without the skills to handle them if things go wrong at speed. Also, too many of them have never ridden, or fallen off, a bicycle, so they have no sense of perspective - speed hurts. On a Playstation, you can just press "reset" and start again if you crash!

I have had a succession of slow cars and have always revelled in driving them quickly. It requires loads more skill to keep up the momentum, plan your cornering speed and braking distances etc. while still travelling at a safe speed in terms of visibility. The thrill for me lies in the skill and concentration of good driving, not the actual speed.

There's something special about the moment a humble Fiat Seicento overtakes a BMW on a country lane when the BMW thinks he's trying!

I have driven fast cars, mainly on tracks, where visibility is less of a problem and there are no idiots coming the other way. To get the same thrill of driving fast, the speeds required in modern exotic machinery would be suicidal on the public highway.