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Posted By: Rick Fielding
28-Apr-00 - 11:09 PM
Thread Name: BS: I Like Baseball
Subject: RE: BS: I Like Baseball
Thanks for the thread JenEllen.

Baseball is my PASSION...even in these watered down days. Through the game (and it's literature) I've learned SO MUCH about people (and myself).

At school, I was so shy as to be virtually invisible, but through Little League and Pony and Babe Ruth League, I took on a completely different personality...outgoing, loud at times, analytical regarding how the game was played, and COMPETITIVE!

In Canada, after Babe Ruth league, came nuthin', so that was it for me. Oh, I got to go to a Cubs tryout camp in Montreal one year, threw three pitches and had two of them knocked over the wall by the tough inner-city French kids. Adios dreams!

I still read "Ball Four" by Jim Bouton ('bout 50 times now) and if my fanaticism is in doubt...I dedicted one of my albums to him! About 6 years ago while we were watching TV, the phone rang. Heather picked it up and spoke for about a minute, then passed it over to me saying, "It's some guy named "Bouton" ya wanna talk to him?" I Bloody near fainted!! Someone in New Jersey had seen the dedication on the album and told him about it, and he was calling to say thank you! I could have died happily right then.

Rick's Baseball Quizzzz Part one. The simple questions. If anyone gets into it, then harder ones will follow.

#1.What pitcher did Don Larsen beat in "the perfect game" of '56.

#2.Joe Carter took "the wild thing" over the wall for the championship in '92. Who was the "the wild thing"? Who was the losing Mgr.? Where does he manage today?

#3. What Dodger farmhand became a big TV star?

#4. What band hired musicians partly on their ability to play baseball?

#5. Two great baseball personalities came from "the Hill" in StLouis. Both were catchers. Both were funny. One tried to be. The other didn't. Name 'em.