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Posted By: Cap't Bob
29-Apr-00 - 12:55 AM
Thread Name: BS: I Like Baseball
Subject: RE: BS: I Like Baseball
One day I cut a super market apple in half and It was so hard and green inside that I thought I would just sit there and watch it turn brown. It was very slow going and after about an hour and a half my thoughts turned to baseball. Actually, not the game of baseball, but the song "Take Me Out To The Ball Game".

My classical guitar was within easy reach so I picked it up and started playing a Rag Time song roughly based on the traditional "Take Me Out.." I called it the "Ball Park Rag". My question is ~~ Did I actually write the tune ~ or did I hear it somewhere and somehow, some way, it got stuck in me brain?

Rick, you could probably Field this one.

Cap't Bob