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Posted By: Rick Fielding
29-Apr-00 - 02:09 AM
Thread Name: BS: I Like Baseball
Subject: RE: BS: I Like Baseball
Jeesus Spaw! I'm Canadian!

9,10, and 11 to go. Yeah I know that they're hard.

Cap'n Bob. I turned "Greensleeves" into a rag!

#16. How do they "put the 'rabbit' into the ball?

#17. Where are baseballs made?

#18. What Political leader invited himself on the team and then pitched (badly) for one inning in the International League.

#19. Columbus (International league) kept a rocking chair in their bull pen. Who for?

#20. Why do the Toronto Bluejays even TRY to compete, after trading Robbie Alomar, Roger Clemens, John Olerud, and Shaun Green?

Oh, sorry! number 20 has NO INTELLIGENT ANSWER! Off to bed.