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Posted By: Banjer
29-Apr-00 - 08:29 AM
Thread Name: BS: I Like Baseball
Subject: RE: BS: I Like Baseball
I used to like baseball, but after the big strike I can no longer get into it. Probably for the same reason I can't get into football any more. It just doesn't make sense for any one person to be making 8 million and up to play a game while there are so many folks in need. If ever some smart promoter put together a team of players that would play for a more down to earth pay scale and DONATE the rest of that money to those that needed it, that would be the team I would follow regardless of their record! I DO, however still follow our local high school football and LOVE watching a Little League baseball game! I am looking forward to the end of August when the World Series Little League is played in Williamsport. Those kids play for the love of the game, from their hearts, not from their wallets and are a pleasure to watch. When they are going after a long fly ball they are concerned about catching it and getting it back to the infield in hopes of tagging the opposition out, not shagging after the ball wondering if their agent can get them more money if they catch it!