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Posted By: Dave the Gnome
22-Nov-07 - 04:16 PM
Thread Name: BS: Slow car worship
Subject: RE: BS: Slow car worship
I had a whole sucession of Lada's in the 80's and they were all brilliant. Funny jOhn should think they were crap because they were all imported by Lada UK of Hull! Maybe they just saw you coming jOhn? ;-P

Best thing you could ever do to them was replace the immitation Webber carb with a genuine Webber, preferably wide-bore. Total cost (form a scrappers) about £10. Difficulty to replace? My granny could have done it with a pair of nail scissors. Difference? Amazing! I could burn off Escort Xr3i's with my 1984 1500 estate!

Best thing Lada, Hull did was make a 'sports' model with a fuel injected Fiat Super Mirafiori engine. Boy, did that upset the boy racers:-)

Anyway, seeing as this is about slow cars, best slow car I had was a Reliant Supervan III - The T.I.T. version, but blue rather than yellow! Couldn't do more than 75 and 0-60 was later rather than sooner but it did do 70MPG and could take a family of 5 on hols for a fortnight! What a car!