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Posted By: Frankham
29-Apr-00 - 01:32 PM
Thread Name: Advice re. House Concerts
Subject: RE: Advice re. House Concerts
I need to amend my first statement by saying that I don't know of any folkie who ever went into performing just to make money. It doesn't make sense. The only reason to put up with all the crap that attends the music business is because you love the music.

I think that house concerts are a wonderful way to really meet the audience in an intimate and meangingful way and to be able to express those important reasons as to why one would bother being a folkie.

In an ideal socialist society, the artist would be subsidized to make this experience happen. Under a capitalistic society, the artist is the first to take the lumps. It's a choice that's made because the artist in my opinion is not owed anything. The folk artist is damned lucky to be able to be doing it at all for an audience that pays for it and I'm eternally grateful that this is the case.

House concerts serve a very important role for one reason. It's a place where artists can go and be treated with respect. This doesn't happen often at a bar and often not at private parties or jams.

Every time that someone lights up a cig or consumes liquor, they are making some run-away capitalist wealthy. Hence the addicted drinker and smoker are the mainstay of a run-away capitalist system.

I meant to keep this short but I got carried away. Sorry.