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Posted By: Jim Dixon
23-Nov-07 - 05:12 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Bringing Home the Oil (Clancy Brothers)
Subject: Lyr Add: BRINGING HOME THE OIL (Clancy Brothers)
Wikipedia has a set of lyrics in its article on Gulf Oil. I copied them and made a few corrections based on how I hear it. I'm very doubtful about the phrase "as graceful".

The Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem

1. I'm an able-bodied sailor and I've often crossed the line,
On whalin' ships and sailin' ships and ships of every kind;
But now I've got the very best job I've had for many a day.
I'm workin' on a tanker bringin' oil to Bantry Bay.

CHORUS: Hey! Bringin' home the oil, me boys, bringin' home the oil!
Sailin' all around the world, bringin' home the oil!
A-workin' on a giant ship, it's very hard we toil,
Sailin' into Bantry Bay, bringin' home the oil!

2. She is the biggest ship, me lads, that ever sailed the sea.
As graceful (?) as a swan she goes; we sail her at our ease.
From Araby around Cape Hope we proudly make our way,
To keep all Europe movin' from our base in Bantry Bay. CHORUS

3. They're building other tankers now to speed more oil to you,
The Universe Kuwait, me lads, Japan and Portugal, too.
Also the Universe Ireland, I'm very proud to say,
Is among the giant ships that's bringin' oil to Bantry Bay. CHORUS