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Posted By: Pistachio
25-Nov-07 - 05:30 PM
Thread Name: BS: What are you up to this weekend?
Subject: RE: BS: What are you up to this weekend?
mixed bag of things done this weekend included: Shopping for shoes,
Major clean around (as I've not had time and I've got so much clutter) for 'drinks' before meal out with 10 friends, to celebrate our 10th year in business!
Photocopying, collating and 'comb binding' 100+ training books for next weeks work load,
including 3 hours to repair a broken tooth on comb binder! (on third rebuild attempt)
Returning friends car to their house, having driven them home after a fantastic chinese banquet at Mr Chu in Hull,
returning un bubbly bottle of 'bubbly' to Tesco for full refund, Lucky I'd bought two for Sat pm!
Making Sunday lunch
Collecting son from friends house,
Loads of laundry, 4 I think,
Missed opportunity to sing this afternoon, more comb binding and had to clean parts of the photocoopier as we'd got bad black lines instead of print!!! (Ugh)
Phone calls to twin sister about brother, then to brother,
Now, shell shocked and ready to switch off but not until Hubby calls to say he's safe in Northampton .... so in all it been a busy one.
. Grreat that I've now got all surfaces clean ready for those cards that will be arriving over the next month. Must get my card list out now and see if I can be ready in advance with at least one task ! One month and it'll be nearly over!
Just re read this, no wonder I'm tired. Think I'll have a rest day tomorrow. Hope you all had a great time!