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Posted By: Peace
25-Nov-07 - 05:37 PM
Thread Name: Bruce Murdoch podcast
Subject: RE: Bruce Murdoch podcast
Thank you all. The show came as a surprise to me. I received a link to it from Mike R on November 22. I think Mike likely didn't talk to me about it beforehand because he knows I'd have begged off having anything from the "SSP" played on the air--not that I do or should have any control over that.

With luck I'll have some studio time in Montreal this trip and I hope to get a dozen songs recorded--voice and guitar, that's it. After years of dickin' around with electric instruments, and having determined late in life that for me they complicate what should be a fairly simple straight-forward process--that of recording one voice and one guitar--I will simply get the songs down. I don't really know what direction to take after that. I have two CD's worth of material that's new, and IMO they represent the 'best stuff' I've written. It isn't folk; it is acoustic 'kinda-rock'. However, I have taken my folkish-foundations and made them fundamental to this set of songs.

With deep humility, I wish to thank John Young for his very kind remark. Because the words have presented a problem for some listeners in the past (well, three of the seventeen, anyway) I will add them here. Also, John, the Mr isn't necessary, but thanks.

"Fool Like Me"

Scores of prophets growing old
Please take Elijah the rusted chains that hold
Poor Judas to his misery
It seems so obvious he needs sympathy
Of ancient history
And a fool like me

Lonesome lover lost his bride
Stopped his heart and so they called it suicide
Judged by pompous vanity
I guess they're right, but I have to disagree
'Cause if a fool be he
He's a fool like me

And care on the line
It feels good to talk with a friend of mine
If you gotta go
I'd like to be
To be the first to know

Pleasant dreams though twilight falls
It deserts the prison where the hobo's footsteps call
Prime ministers of treachery
Locked him up because he had no pedigree
But it matters not says he
He's a fool like me

I wrote your song just yesterday
And I tore it up because the song got in the way
Was just a way to let you see
Another chapter in a cloudy mystery
Of vagrant effigies
And a fool like me

"Locked him up because he had no pedigree"

Footnote (from Wikipedia):

'Pedigree (from the French, pied de grue, lit. 'crane's foot') is the name of the legal principle that allows a witness to testify as to his name and certain family details under the American and English common law concepts of evidence with no additional foundation. Otherwise, establishing the identity of the witness would waste much of the court (and the jury)'s time. Pedigree is, like many old rules of evidence, either a rule or an exception, depending upon how it is used.'