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Posted By: catspaw49
26-Nov-07 - 05:14 AM
Thread Name: Bruce Murdoch podcast
Subject: RE: Bruce Murdoch podcast
Well I opened this thread hoping to learn some new fishing technique. Although I was unfamiliar with podcasting, I assumed it was another way to get the lure out there like flip casting. I couldn't find anything like that but what I did find was a radio program with some guy singin' and pickin' and all that. No fishing stuff of any kind. I mean that's okay because I could give less than a shit about fishing except for the cooking and eating part.

As far as the radio thing went, this Bruce guy seemed pretty good and all. I dunno' though 'cause you always have to keep an eye on that type since most of them are friggin' navel gazers. Now while this Murdoch seems okay, my advice would be to listen to him every chance you get to make sure he's not staring at his bellybutton! I like him but I hate to be disappointed so I'm gonna' do that myself.

Here's another thing though......I can't figure out why the hell Peace acts like he has something to do with the whole thing.   And then that comment to Amos about their combined ages being 12 decades or something? I don't see the big deal there since either one of them could assure what......maybe seven or eight or more individually? I do think Peace and Amos are probably adept at identifying navel gazers since both are generally staring at some anatomical part. Peace seems to have the same view as a colonoscopy camera whereas Amos has been unable to find his willie for over thirty years.

Anyway, I'd give this Murdoch character the benefit of the doubt and just enjoy what he does which is pretty damn good and hope he does more. Ignore anything Peace has to say......What the hell does he know?

Say, does anyone know anything about podcasting?