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Posted By: Ron Davies
27-Nov-07 - 11:14 PM
Thread Name: BS: Maliki doesn't want more U.S. troops
Subject: RE: BS: Maliki doesn't want more U.S. troops

You must be taking lessons from Teribus in not reading what you yourself write. But your techniques of shooting yourself in the foot just can't measure up to the wondrous variety of his.

7 Sunnis in the Iraqi Cabinet, as of 21 May 2006. Pardon me if I don't stand up and cheer.

Uh, what is the situation now? Not that I claim to be a math wizard, but I can't help suspecting that May 2006 was over a year ago.

As my all-time favorite foreign policy analyst, Shania Twain--surely you're familiar with her work?-- says: "That don't impress me much".

So we still wait patiently for the Iraqi "national reconciliation" ballyhooed by the Bush apologists.

Or did you perhaps not realize that the above-cited "national reconciliation", is, all sides agree, the goal of the "surge"?