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Posted By: Ron Davies
28-Nov-07 - 06:49 PM
Thread Name: BS: Maliki doesn't want more U.S. troops
Subject: RE: BS: Maliki doesn't want more U.S. troops
Fine, Homey, You didn't write anything. Congratulations, Mr. Pharisee. You win your point. So what, pray tell, was the point of your last posting? Just to practice your cut and paste skills? We really don't need any more brilliant posters wasting bandwidth with irrelevant articles.

Just by himself, Teribus manages to waste an amazing amount--usually by meaningless lists.

And when you've wasted all the time and bandspace you had in mind, perhaps you, or your lord and master, Teribus, can find the time, in a busy schedule of pillaging the Net, to actually find current evidence of "national reconciliation" in Iraq.

And perhaps you'd be able to address the fact that 2 Republican Senators said on Monday that unless Maliki "makes more political progress by January, the US should consider pulling political or financial support for his government".--AP 27 Nov 2007.

"What would happen for me if there's no progress on reconciliation after the first of the year, I would be looking at ways to invest our money into groups that can deliver": Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-SC.

OK, your turn--the Pollyanna club is now in session.