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Posted By: redsnapper
30-Nov-07 - 05:48 AM
Thread Name: Tech: Zero Frets
Subject: RE: Tech: Zero Frets
I used to be sceptical about zero frets (and I have guitar repair training) but since playing a Fylde have changed my view a bit.

It is not "shedloads easier" to design using a zero fret... in fact the neck relief has to be set quite carefully to get the best out of a zero fret whereas a bone nut can be filed and adjusted in a matter of moments. The zero fret has the advantage that both fretted and open strings will be bearing against the same material with potential tonality improvements. Compensation at the saddle end may be much simplified using a zero fret and also, so-called "end effects" at the nut are reduced .

I think at the end it may boil down to aesthetics and personal preference but I no longer consider an instrument inferior just because it may have a zero fret.