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Posted By: Teribus
01-Dec-07 - 05:50 AM
Thread Name: BS: Maliki doesn't want more U.S. troops
Subject: RE: BS: Maliki doesn't want more U.S. troops
The usual ludicrous Trotist, Anarchist comments from our Akenaton:

"In addition, is an election fully free or democratic if the voter stands a very good chance of having his throat slit for putting his cross in the wrong box?"

Well despite the threats Ake, 70% of Iraqi voters did turn out to vote (Guest TIA it was that 70% of the people of Iraq who the present Government and Parliament represent). Now tell me again how many Scots, unthreatened, turned out for our last election? I'll refresh your memory it was about 50%, Scotland now has a minority SNP Government that 83% of the voters in Scotland didn't vote for. How many, unthreatened, turned out for the UK's last General Election? Again I'll refresh your memory somewhere around 35% wasn't it. The UN's observers deemed the electoral process to be free and fair.

"Please state if you think that the electorate voted on political, or religious/ ethnic lines."

Well as a statement of the obvious Ake that takes the biscuit. In an election to form the Parliament and Government of a country how else should people vote if not along "political lines". How do you vote under such circumstances? - On looks? on what the candidates happened to have been wearing last time you saw them?. Akenaton, I believe that in elections all over the world the electorate vote on political or religious/ethnic lines.

"Come on Mr T you're the guy with all the facts at your finger tips.
How many Sunni's voted for Shia candidates?....That would be democracy!!"

Fortunately Ake, I do not have that information, as for the first time ever the ballot in Iraq was secret. The "election" that Saddam held on 22nd October 2002 had only one name on the ballot paper, and before putting that ballot slip into the box each voter had to show it to the Officials manning the polling station. So it would not be democracy in Scotland until you voted Conservative Ake? No Ake in a real democracy you get to vote for whoever you want to.