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Posted By: Mr Red
01-Dec-07 - 10:03 AM
Thread Name: Miskin 2008?
Subject: RE: Miskin 2008?
Beer run.
Just thinking aloud but if the beer seller(s) produced a list, all it needs is person(s) to take orders and money. And carry. Friends do that all the time. Licencing laws mean that legal advice is needed but.................. It is really down to the willing. And maybe a donation from the seller in advance would help. Legal advice needed again. A little planning on the day.
At the Malvern Fringe years ago we just nominated a company to handle the beer. They organised everything alcoholic thereafter. Licence, glasses, barrels, staff. I would bet there are such peripatetic pubs in all locales. Planning in advance.
I personally am quite happy to buy my own cider - because it usually comes down to "Strongbow" by default and that ain't cider (cider with added sugars and sweeteners - maybe).
As I understand it, a private party cannot charge entrance on the door and be a private party.
Now a birthday or wedding? Presents in sealed envelopes? any takers? NOT ME, OK?