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Posted By: Teribus
03-Dec-07 - 06:14 PM
Thread Name: BS: Maliki doesn't want more U.S. troops
Subject: RE: BS: Maliki doesn't want more U.S. troops
On the subject of laughs Akenaton, your last post was priceless.

Seriously Ake, there is only one Osama bin Laden and since December 2001 he has been a complete and utter irrelevance.

"The Islamists or any other determined terrorist organisation can hit Western economies whenever and wherever they please."

Perhaps you could therefore care to explain why they have been unable to do so.

"Obviously it is not been in their interests to launch such an attack so far.........Can our luck hold?....I doubt it....Ake"

So when would it be in their best interests Ake? I would presume before they've had the shit completely knocked out of them, because that is exactly what has been happening to them in Gaza, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, along the coast of Somalia, in the Phillipines and in Indonesia. They are fast running out of steam Ake, because there is no-one backing them, not even their own people. They have been trapped into fighting battles not of their chosing and they are paying the price for it.