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Posted By: Ron Davies
04-Dec-07 - 11:53 PM
Thread Name: BS: Maliki doesn't want more U.S. troops
Subject: RE: BS: Maliki doesn't want more U.S. troops

"appeasement"--you just can't get beyond World War II, can you? It seems to be the only environment you're comfortable in.

You advocated that the Sunnis should recognize reality and deal with the Iraqi government. Uh, not exactly. Only after ranting for months--or years-- about how they deserved "no consideration" and were like "hardcore Nazis in 1945"--there's your good old World War II reference again.

While I have been consistently saying for years now that the key was treating the Iraqi Sunnis as if they were Iraqi citizens--which they are, believe it or not. But of course this is "appeasement" in your book. But it's OK, we all understand you desperately need something you recognize--and World War II era language appears to be the limit of your expertise, it seems. Just as you imagine armed forces in the Mideast are just like the Royal Navy--with nice neat chains of command, and orders obeyed. So charming. It's a shame things are a bit more complex. Sorry.

So now it's "CUT AND RUN". You've managed to update from World War II to Bushspeak. Congratulations. But sorry, that's not much of an improvement over your usual drivel. In fact, sometimes it's hard to tell the difference. I wonder if it has to do with the fact that drivel, and possibly dribble, is just about all that ever comes out of Bush's mouth.

By the way, we're not deaf, even if you might be--there's no need to SHOUT. Of course it makes your points so much more POWERFULLY--at least you must think so.

CUT AND RUN--so, in your infinite wisdom, you've decided the US should not leave Iraq--which we weren't about to do anyway---regardless, we'll be staying in "Kurdistan", as I've pointed out more than once.

So, if we leave rump Iraq (without Kurdistan), what happens, pray tell? Al Qaeda takes over Iraq? Exactly how clueless are you? Have you not seen the reception al Qaeda has been receiving in Anbar, etc? It's fairly obvious to any intelligent observer--so sorry that does not seem to include you--again--that al Qaeda is not popular with either Iraqi Sunnis or Shiites.

Sorry, your latest scare tactic, like WMD and all the others you have cherished over the years, has been shown up for what it is--your own self-inflicted nightmare.

But I hope you sleep better tonight.

Believe it or not, al-Qaeda will not come and get you in your sleep, even if quite a few US troops are withdrawn from Iraq. And that's coming regardless of how you gnash your teeth, fulminate and try to impersonate Cassandra. By the way, you need to work on that a bit more--even her logic was a bit better than yours seems to be, sad to say.

Looking forward to your next calm well-reasoned posting. (Well, I can dream).