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Posted By: astro
09-Dec-07 - 12:50 PM
Thread Name: Pete Seeger film/DVD: The Power of Song
Subject: Review: Pete Seeger, Power of Song
This is actually from Desert Dancer and Astro:

We recently saw this movie in Los Angeles (in the Miracle Mile of Wilshire Blvd, down the road from the mammoths...). For me (astro), a relatively new folkie, the movie provided many more details about the blacklist and difficulties of the time. For Desert Dancer (who'd read the bio), it provided a fuller impression from being able to see and hear the man himself and his family and friends.

Some of the critical incidents from the anti-communist furor were shown using film from the time (such as the stone throwing incident at Paul Robeson's concert).

It highlighted his music and his impact upon the scene. His overcoming the blacklist and subsequent years of music and peace making. It provided a lovely description of a man content with his life and with his place in our country's history.

A key part of the movie was the section highlighting Toshi's role in making it possible for Pete to be Pete, perhaps to her own detriment in some ways, but obviously gladly given, through strong love.

This, among many parts of the film -- especially to see a whole life (but before its end!), was very moving to see.

Desert Dancer found Bruce Springsteen's talking head role to be somewhat disconcerting -- the rest of the speakers really had close relationships with Pete. But, maybe he spoke for the contemporary players who grew up with Pete as an icon and great music maker and influence -- in often a more indirect and unconscious way.

So a hearty recommendation from both of us. May we all look to live such a full, loving, and complete life as Pete!

(Just as a sidenote, after the movie there is a very short stroll down Wilshire Blvd. to the Director Guild's museum where beautiful costumes from some of great costume dramas were on display. The museum also had many beautiful watercolor drawings for set designs from the great movies of the past. All in all, a great day!)

Desert Dancer and Tucson