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Posted By: jzm
10-Dec-07 - 09:14 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: The Open Door (Darrell Scott)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: The Open Door (Darrell Scott)
Thanks for the lyrics transcription Jim: there are a lot of transatlantic sessions clips on youtube, and in fact Darrell has links to his performances on his web page.

For comparison here's what I ended up with:

Well it's fair thee well my true love
The song is in the air
I hear the west a calling,
and see what's for me there.

With the sun I'm leaving
I'll be Montana bound
Ain't no use in grieving
I'll show you what I've found,

Show you what I've found.

Some folks have it easy,
At least that's how it seems,
Reach out and pick an apple
Reach up and find a dream.

Some travel in the darkness
and rest upon the shade,
Some wrestle with their demons
and face them all afraid

We argue for our better selves
We only ask for more
We take the mirror from the shelf
and find the open door.

find the open door.


I love you with a fever
I love you with a past
my heart it is a keeper
as long as it will last

As long as it will last,
I'll tell you what I know,
We walk this road together
and we walk this road alone.


Which is similar to but not quite the same as yours. BTW chord progression appears to be C G D C (capo 3). At the risk of making an idiot of myself (happens a lot!) I believe that makes it the C-Lydian mode, which I mention only because the song has a very different feel than a G-major scale plus all major chords would otherwise indicate.

Maybe this is all old hat to you folks, but I'm still finding this whole "song construction" thing interesting :-)

Regards, John.