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Posted By: catspaw49
02-May-00 - 08:20 AM
Thread Name: BS: I Like Baseball
Subject: RE: BS: I Like Baseball
I think you sum it up nicely:

"Who ARE these guys?"

And I want to blame SOMEBODY for messing up the game!!! Who, I have no idea. Anybody can make a case for blaming the: A)Owners B)Players C)Television D)Fans E)All of the Above.

Personally, I'd love to see a team like Banj describes and add in an owner percentage, a TV percentage, and let the fan get involved too by still paying the same price as they would at other parks for tickets and concessions, but a portion goes back to the "Good Deeds Kitty." Also have the city sign a contract with the owner to maintain the park and have the team NOT move for at least ten years.

Well .... Its OK to dream ain't it?