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14-Dec-07 - 05:59 PM
Thread Name: Origins: Jerry Go and Oil That Car
Subject: Lyr Add: JERRY GO ILE THAT CAR (Harry McClintock)
You can find it in the book LONG STEEL RAIL.
Here are the lyrics.

Come all ye railroad section men and listen to my song,
It is of Larry O' Sullivan, who now is dead and gone;
For twenty years the section boss, he never hired a tar,
And it's "j'int ahead and center back, and Jerry, go and 'ile that car."

For twenty years the section boss he worked upon the track,
And be it to his credit he never had a wreck;
For he kept every joint right up to the p'int with a tap of the tamp and bar,
And while the boys were shimmin' up the ties, it's "Jerry, would you 'ile that car."

And every Sunday morning unto the gang he'd say,
"Me boys, prepare ye be aware, the old lady goes to church today;
Now, I want every man to pump the best he can, for the distance it is far,
And we have to get in ahead of Number Ten; so Jerry, go and 'ile that car."

'Twas in November in the wintertime and the ground all covered with snow,
"Come put the hand car on the track and over the section go."
With his big soldier coat buttoned up to his throat, all weathers he whould dare,
And it's "Paddy Mack, will you walk the track, and Jerry, go and 'ile the car."

God rest ye, Larry O'Sullivan, to me you were kind and good,
Ye always made the section men go out and chop me wood;
And fetch me water from the well and chop me kindlin' fine,
And any man that wouldn't lend a hand, 'twas "Larry, give him his time."

"Give my respects to the road-master," poor Larry he did cry,
"And leave me up that I my see the old handcar before I die.
Then lay the spike maul on me chest, the gauge and the old plow-bar,
And while the boys will be fillin' up the grave, of Jerry, would you 'ile that car."

Harry McClintock