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Posted By: Bob the Postman
16-Dec-07 - 11:05 AM
Thread Name: Origins: Jerry Go and Oil That Car
Subject: RE: Origins: Jerry Go and Oil That Car
I wonder if anyone can comment on the origins of the tune for this song. Last year, Art noted that the tune is the same as that usually used for "Real Old Mountain Dew". The "Mountain Dew" tune I remember from a Clancy Brothers record is not the same as that used by McClintock, however. It IS the same as the tune for the the Irish rebel "Song Of The Dawn" and for an Australian gold-rush song about how "gold dust lay in all the streets and miner's right was free". A little poking around in Mudcat threads about Song Of The Dawn brings up references to a music-hall song about a certain Moriarity. So this tune seems to be a traditional Irish air, much used by lyricists down through the years. Can someone Name That Tune?

By the way, you Vancouver folk-song archivist types, I'd sure like to hear a CD of Captain Cates field recordings.