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Posted By: Janie
16-Dec-07 - 09:37 PM
Thread Name: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Subject: RE: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
OKAY! I'm here again!

See Amos? You think, therefore I am.

We got some RainRain glorious Rain. Not much. Just enough to fill the birdbath and remind me that the roof still leaks. but every little bit helps.

This in from the Bonafide BS Dept:

Early in our separation Hubby let me know "I'd be sorry," if I attempted to move or otherwise deal with any of his huge, disorganized, piles of papers and 'stuff' that are all over the house. He still comes in the house regularly when I am gone, and anytime I have attempted to move things out of the way, or at least tidy up the appearance some, he moves it all back. After about 8 weeks, I surrendered, and haven't touched his stuff except to occasionally trip over it in 9 months.

It was with considerable satisfaction, therefore, that I noticed the drip coming from the ceiling had moved about 9 inches east overnight, out of range of the bucket I had placed yesterday evening, and a large pile of his papers are now sopping wet.

Talk about passive-aggressive enjoyment!