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Posted By: Susanne (skw)
02-May-00 - 05:53 PM
Thread Name: Help: Who Was Kishmul? (Kishmul's/Riever's Galley)
Subject: RE: Help: WHO WAS KISHMUL?
[1968:] Kisimul's Castle was built in the thirteenth century at the southern end of the Isle of Barra and was the stronghold of the MacNeills of Barra. The chiefs of the MacNeills were famous for their self-esteem and it is said that every evening after the chief had eaten the MacNeill piper was sent out onto the battlements to announce "The MacNeill has dined. The other potentates of the earth may now dine." They even have their own version of the story 'The Flood', in which God is said to have told Noah to invite, as well as a pair of each species of animal, the MacNeill chief and his wife. A messenger was sent to Barra and returned with the chief's thanks but the reply "The MacNeill has a boat of his own." (Peter Hall, notes Norman Kennedy 'Scots Songs and Ballads')

Philippa contributed the words of a' Bhirlinn Bharrach [the Barra Galley] to a thread on 27 Jan 1999. Can't find the thread again, however. Maybe someone else has more luck. - Susanne