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Posted By: Jeri
02-May-00 - 07:37 PM
Thread Name: What is Folk? IN SONG.
Subject: RE: What is Folk? IN SONG.
My idea? How dare I?

Oh well - here's a start on mine. (Yes, I have a tune, but haven't put it into notation yet.) No opinions unless they rhyme!


If you never sing a song nothing will get passed along
We'll only have the same old stuff we've sung since time begun
Good thing the "please don't sing it" crowd weren't there then, or weren't real loud
Cause all the lyrics we would have would be "diddle diddle dum"

But somebody had to write the songs and somebody had to pass 'em on
So find the ones you like, and make them all your own
And someone will hear it anew, and learn the melody from you
And in this way tradition carries on

If a song is newly written, it may not worth learnin'
There's an awful lot of awful stuff, too personal and long
But all you really have to do is pick the ones that call to you
And let the test of time weed out the weak ones from the strong

A copyrighted song ain't folk, cause the folks won't ever own it
And just because they sing it, it isn't quite the same
It may have a tune that makes you sigh, or words that bring a tear to eye
But it's not the people's property if you know the owner's name.