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Thread Name: Origins: Jerry Go and Oil That Car
Subject: RE: Origins: Jerry Go and Oil That Car
M. C. DEAN - the third versional variation noted by Cohen (in 30 years since origin)
Flying Cloud (Virginia, Minn.: Quickprint, [1922?]) p. 26

Come, all you railroad section hands, I hope you will draw near,
And likewise pay attention to these few lines you'll hear,
Concerning one Larry Sullivan, alas, he is no more,
He sailed some forty years ago from the green old Irish shore.

For four and thirty weary years he worked upon the track,
And the truth to say from the very first day he never had a wreck,
For he made it a point to keep up the lower joints with the force of the tamping bar;
'Joint ahead and center back and Jerry go oil the car.

To see old Larry in the winter time when the hills were clad with snow,
It was his "pride 011 his handcar to ride as over the section he'd go,
With his big soldier coat buttoned up to his throat, sure he looked like an Emperor,
And while the boys were shimming up the ties, sure Jerry would be oiling the car.

When Sunday morning came around to the section hands he'd say,
"I suppose you all know that my wife is going to Mass today,
And I want every man for to pump all he can, for the distance it is very far,
And I'd like to get in ahead of number ten, so Jerry go oil the car."

"And now when my friends are gathered around, there is one request I crave,
When I am dead and gone to my rest, place the handcar on ! ve ;
Let the spike mawl rest upon my breast with the gauge and the old clawbar,
And while the boys fire lowering me down, hire Jerry to be oiling the car."

"Give my regards to the roj'dinaster," poor Larry he did cry,
"And rise me up so I may see the handcar before I die."
He was so wake lie could hardly spake, in a moment he was dead ;
"Joint ahead and center back," were the very last words he said.

Remarks by .l/r.9. Sullivan.

God bless you. Larry Sullivan, to me you was kind and good,
For me you'd make the section hands"go out and cut the wood,
To the well also for water they would go. and chop the kin-dling fine,
And if any of them would growl, upon my soul, he'd dam soon get his time.

And now that he is dead I want it to be said that the cars they never got a jar;
Joint ahead and center back and Jerry go oil the car.

Flying Cloud (Virginia, Minn.: Quickprint, [1922?]) p. 26.)


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