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Posted By: GUEST,.gargoyle
19-Dec-07 - 12:33 AM
Thread Name: Origins: Jerry Go and Oil That Car
Subject: RE: Origins: Jerry Go and Oil That Car
Thanks Mr. T

Pretty "P-O-ed" about your referring to this as an "old chestnut," it raised my hackles a bit and finally got time (Tuesdays are frequently Sundays) to dig.

We obviously run in diametrically opposite circles that, like astroids and comets, occasionaly have the mishappenstance to cross paths.

Personally, Mr. Dean is an authentic recollection but, perhaps, he was not a musician...the meter is off.

It is easy to see the "refinement" but same intent in the 1959 version posted by Jon Bartlett Date: 15 Dec 07 - 03:15 AM

A grand example of the folk process.

RR Man Mag Duncan may be next to impossible to find...even the Santa Fe Emp appears scarce....but it is on the "to find list."


I believe you will enjoy that second link.