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Posted By: Rowan
23-Dec-07 - 12:24 AM
Thread Name: BS: weight measurment
Subject: RE: BS: weight measurment
"Stones were used in Oz until decimalisation in the 70s."

You mean Australians stopped using stones when they talk about their body weight just because the government passed a law? That doesn't sound Australian to me.

Not quite McGrath,
Mst people who'd grown up using stones still mentioned their weight in the old measures after metrication but
youngsters were taught SI measures
most medical and health details were recorded in metric measures
and most discussion has been pregresively more and more centred in metric measures

so it's only us old farts who know the conversions.

Even so, as you'd have noticed from the thread I linked above, mothers still talk about the birthweights of their offspring in lbs & ozs unless their grandmothers came from parts of Europe that used metrics.

Cheers, Rowan