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Posted By: Stilly River Sage
23-Dec-07 - 12:28 PM
Thread Name: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Subject: RE: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
We haven't seen Bunn around here in ages. Another reminder.

One of my guests last night dropped a plastic sack with her knitting in it out in the yard. She drove back a few minutes after leaving the house when she realized it had gone missing, but we looked in the house, not the yard. I had an email overnight--"can I come back and look again?"

When I went to get the paper this morning it was still pretty dark, but I spotted a green ball and a knitting needle on the lawn near a cactus, and I walked around and found another at the street curb next door. (It froze last night, no rain, so these were in great shape.) I returned to the house to fix an early breakfast for Caroline who had to drive back to her college town to work this morning, and she dressed and went to look for more, returning with another ball of yarn and a tangled frozen mat of green. It hadn't been so fortunate as the balls. The 12 inches or so of knitting had landed in the sandy wet spot at the bottom of the driveway across the street, and when my neighbor drove in after work (midnight) he drove across it. Caroline returned with a stiff plank of wool and leaves and sand all frozen into an odd-shaped tile, suspended on a knitting needle.

I thawed the yarn, rinsed it in ice cold water, used a little gentle hand soap to lift the sand colored stain, and though the "ball" that had been attached to it is a leafy tangle broken in a few places, it looks like the project survived. She called this morning and was amazed to learn that her knitting had wandered over three yards and into the woods (we still didn't find one set of circular needles. They may have been picked up by an early dog walker.)

I'll pop this in the mail this afternoon and though they don't advertise Sunday pickup, my post office usually has one. She should get this tomorrow. She was amazed, and said "I'll have to blog this."