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Posted By: Mick Pearce (MCP)
24-Dec-07 - 07:53 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Farewell Dearest Nancy (Mick Hanly)
Subject: Tune Add: FAREWELL DEAREST NANCY (from O'Lochlainn
Here's the O'Lochlainn tune (Roberto beat me to posting the words!).


X: 1
T:Farewell, Dearest Nancy
B:O'Lochlainn: More Irish Street Ballads
G|(F/E/) C C|A G> G|F (E/C/) (C/D/)|(E/C/) B,
w:Fare-well_ dear-est Nan-cy for now I_ must_ leave_ you,
C/>D/|E F (G/=A/)|B c> G|(G/F/) D F|G2
w:To the burn-ing West_ In-dies my course_ for to steer,
(E/F/)|G c> c|B c> G|F (E/C/) (C/D/)|(E/C/) B,
w:I_ know ver-y well that the par-ting_ will_ grieve_ thee,
C/D/|E F (G/=A/)|B c> G|(F/E/) C C|C2||
w:But, my love, I'll re_turn in the spring_ of the year.