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Posted By: GUEST,John Gray in Oz
24-Dec-07 - 09:28 AM
Thread Name: BS: weight measurment
Subject: RE: BS: weight measurment
McGrath. Yes - after metrication 40 years ago many people in Oz stayed with the old imperial units, some still do, we call them Neanderthals.
The big mistake is wanting to convert to something else. I weigh 120 kg. Why on earth do I need to know what that is in pounds, yak poo, or whatever.
My field is industrial instruments. We have people call us for flowmeters to handle X gpm. We charge them a consultancy fee to convert to litres so we can select the correct flowmeter. Are we ripping them off for being dumb ? You betcha, they're just like - well, they're just like Neanderthals.