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Posted By: Malcolm Douglas
25-Dec-07 - 09:28 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Farewell Dearest Nancy (Mick Hanly)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Mick Hanly's Farewell Dearest Nancy
O Lochlainn's note to the song should also be quoted.

'This ballad also appears as "Adieu Lovely Mary", Ji, 95. EFS i, 24, 130 (where some verses of "The Holy Ground" our No. 97 appear), EFS iii, 99 and 298. *BS and EFS.'

Ji is P W Joyce's Ancient Irish Music, 1873; EFS is the Journal of the Folk Song Society. O Lochlainn generally used a double asterisk to indicate the source of his text (sometimes also the tune), but occasionally (in both books), as here, a single asterisk appears. Presumably the implication is that the text is collated from a broadside (Baird of Cork, for example, issued it as 'The True Lovers Farewell', beginning 'Fare You Well Pretty Molly') and one or more of the English texts cited from the Journal. The tune differs from those, so it's unclear where O Lochlainn got that: perhaps from Joyce (which I don't have), perhaps from memory; though he usually says when the latter was the case.

A little amplification may also be useful for the information Mick provided on the original source of the DT example. Although Mr Lovett's set appeared in the Journal of the Folk Song Society III 4 (13) 1909, 298-9, as 'Noted (and corrected from a phonograph record) by R. Vaughan Williams, Jan., 1909', RVW wasn't the 'collector' as such. Dr George Gardiner got the words from Mr Lovett more than two years earlier; either at the same time as Charles Gamblin noted the tune (August 1906) or, as was sometimes the case, prior to that.

RVW was brought in to check tunes about which there was some doubt (usually those made by Gamblin, who seems to have been less experienced than Gardiner's other collaborators) prior to publication, and this has often led to his being credited as sole collector, which was not the case. I haven't seen Gamblin's original notation for this one, so I don't know how far it differed from RVW's.