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Posted By: Ron Davies
26-Dec-07 - 11:48 PM
Thread Name: BS: Maliki doesn't want more U.S. troops
Subject: RE: BS: Maliki doesn't want more U.S. troops

Interesting-- on 29 Nov 2007, you told us that if the US withdrew from rump Iraq (without Kurdistan)--which the UK is doing with alacrity-- we would "reap the whirlwind". But for some reason it's been almost a month, and you haven't managed to come up with one iota of evidence that if the US did so, al-Qaeda would take over Iraq--or indeed, any part of it. We can hardly wait for you to tell us how this is to happen, given that al-Qaeda is roundly despised by both Iraq Sunnis and Shiites.

And if this is not what you meant by "reap the whirlwind", what exactly did you mean? Inquiring minds need to know.

A related issue:

From the WSJ, 26 Dec 2007:

"Armed Sunni fighters must be recognized as legitimate members of Iraqi society and be rewarded for efforts in fighting al-Qaeda, the top US commander in the area south of Baghdad said."

"legitimate members of Iraqi society"--precisely what I've been saying for over 2 years now--and you have been denying, saying that Sunnis deserve "no consideration".

And up to now, it seems Maliki agrees with you--which is why there has been no progress on "national reconciliation"--though it is the only goal of the "surge"--precisely to gain time for said "national reconciliation".

And as for your assertion that the Sunnis are co-operating with "their government"--that's exactly the problem--they appear willing but said "government" is not willing to have them.   As a result, and following your counsel, since after all Sunnis deserve "no consideration", Maliki now has Sunni armed forces outside his control.


You are indeed the perfect negative indicator.