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27-Dec-07 - 12:16 AM
Thread Name: The Haggis season - when does it start?
Subject: RE: The Haggis season - when does it start?
The debate over the effects of global warming on the Haggis Spawn is just starting to heat up. Haggis Unlimited has started a study but as they are a large committee nothing is expected to come of the effort.

The Haggis of central New York are found mainly in the finger lakes region and as such are forced to migrate in a Northern direction. Had they been found anywhere else they would be Westerly migratory as they are found that way through out the civilized world. But the north south lay of the Lakes makes westerly migration almost impossible.

I was sick with pneumonia so I missed the round up this year. A bill was passed in the Legislature to use a colored dye to mark the Haggis and the ranches they came from. The traditional branding of the Haggis has proven to be fatal to about fifty percent of the Haggis. There is a move by the traditionalists to go back to branding with the promise to use irons with shorter names.