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Posted By: Tweed
28-Dec-07 - 04:33 PM
Thread Name: Fitting a strap button on a Martin
Subject: RE: Fitting a strap button on a Martin
I like to use a 3" sheet rock screw and a 18volt black & decker Murray. Saves a lotta time and worry.

However, I did learn that when you install new tuners, always use a hand reamer instead of a drill bit. I reamed out the holes on a 50 dollar Harmony electric with an electric drill and damned if, on the last one at the top, the bit caught and jammed and the goddammed headstock split. Undeterred, I made quick repairs using...a sheetrock screw installed laterally and all is well again.

Okay for a 50 dollar 1970 Harmony solid body but probably unsuitable for a Martin.