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Posted By: Jeremiah McCaw
03-May-00 - 06:34 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Hi Ho Silver Lining
Subject: RE: hi ho silver lining
I've taking a certain amount of delight in telling people I've given up folk music and joined a rock n roll band. Which is patently untrue, but I love the reaction I get. And I do have a rock gig comiing up with a friend as a fundraiser for his church. Piles o' fun. Which also explains why this song is in my files. Apparently, it was a big hit in England, but I don't think it did much over here. Don't actually think much of it myself, but that's beside the point. Here you be, and hopefully the tildes will space the chords properly ...

Hi Ho Silver Lining - Jeff Beck(?)

You're everywhere and nowhere, baby, that's where you're at
Goin' down a bumpy hillside in your hippy hat
Flying across the country and getting fat
Saying every thing is groovy when your tyres are flat

Hi ho silver lining any way you go
Well baby, I see your sun is shining
But I won't make a fuss
Though it's obvious

Flies are in your pea soup, baby, they're waving at me
Anything you want is yours now, only nothings for free
Lies are gonna get you some time, just wait and see
Open up your beach umbrella while you're watching TV