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04-May-00 - 04:10 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Hi Ho Silver Lining
Subject: RE: hi ho silver lining
Jeremiah, you beat me to it. But I've typed it so I'm gonna post it anyway.

It is a favourite at discos and is a join in the chorus song where everyone punches the air and shouts as loud as they can. I used to get a kick out of the reaction but if it's little known elsewhere the reaction is likely to be an obscure look from those who don't understand the profound lyrics ;).

Hi Ho Silver Lining - Jeff Beck

You're everywher and nowhere baby, that's where your'e at.
Riding down the bumpy hillside, in you're hippy hat.
Flying across the country, and getting fat.
Saying everything is groovy, when you're tyres are flat.

And it's hi ho silver lining, anywhere you go, well baby
I see your'e sun ain't shining and I won't make a fuss
Tho' it's obvious

Flies are in you're pea soup baby, they're waving at me.
Anything you want is yours now, only nothings free.
Lies are gonna get you someday, just wait and see.
Open up your beach umbrella, stop watching TV.



Repeat Second Verse



Cheers Gary