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Posted By: Amos
04-Jan-08 - 10:29 AM
Thread Name: Bruce Murdoch podcast
Subject: RE: Bruce Murdoch podcast
The RR-US430 is a voice recorder, meant for lectures and business meetings and such. However, if it is all you can get, by all means use it. Set it for SP rather than LP; it will still capture the whole concert and do so with better fidelity than the LP setting.

From what I have read about it the computer interface is by USB and there is some supplied software to make text from voice recordings -- not much of a feature for our purposes. I belileve you will probably have to play the contents into the computer serially, using sound recording software such as Audacity or Sound Studio or the like. You will probably find it easier to do this in segments of songs and talk.

If it turns out the software allows file management (in other words you can bring the whole session over as a sound file instead of having to replay it serially) then you'll probably end up with an MP3, AIFF, WAV or similar file. If you email me that file I can clean it up some.

IF you can find a more suitable field recorder with USB connections and a built-in hard drive or flash drive that enables you to manage files and is better designed for music audio, I would recommend that as it will capture more of the overtones and very low and very high frequencies the RR-US430 might not.