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Posted By: GUEST,Bob Ryszkiewicz
05-Jan-08 - 10:18 PM
Thread Name: Bruce Murdoch podcast
Subject: RE: Bruce Murdoch podcast
Hi Kids!: Home Run...

I don't have to tell those who were there wassup. It was one of those "you had to be there"
times where everybody hit the mark. And it brought a smile to my face to see 'ole MudRock come back even stronger than Ormstown. If you've ever done a show and been on-stage. I think you know what I'm talkin' about. He mos/def(Rap-Talk)WORKED for this one Folks.
And two days in the studio, the radio shows, and obvious preparation gave you what went down at La Sala Rossa. Yep. It takes work to make it look easy... Makes you kinda wonder what he'd be coming up with after doing a little TOURsky, don't it? Guess he figured out the audience was either going to duct-tape him to the chair or not let him leave the building, cause he did "Can I Come Across To You..."
You should have seen BM's face when I met him on the street outside before the show and tried to sell him some Bruce Murdoch CD's. Anything for a laugh over here friends. Got an autograph though...

Found Big Daddy Z in the dressing room a little edgy before the show. Getting ready to do the opener. This guy works hard at his folk/art friends. Sorta looks like a young Keith Richards off drugs. LOL. HA...From this reviewmeister's perspective, I think once he saw how fast the room filled up, the "I better play my A-- off tonight" switch went ON. Good'un Noah...
And Ron Bankley, well, what can you say. Class act all around. Even had a fan ask me if I could introduce him. The Ville Emard Blues Band Vet added just the right touch on guitar along with Andy Gryn's son on bass. Makin' poppa proud.
And, there was enough food before the show at the resto downstairs to offer munchies to everybody who showed up...But, we beat 'em to it. So it came off as both a food and music feast for all who were brave enough to get off the couch and COME ON DOWN!

Some of the usual suspects in the crowd: Bill Garrett, Sue-Ellen Lothrop/Borealis Records, stalwart Mike Regenstrief, Gerry Goodfriend, Andy Gryn, family & friend Bill, Mark Nerenberg, Linda Morrison(time for another show, girl...), Diane Alnicky, David Young, Olivia, and other suspicious 'catters incognito...Not to forget, the niece of Gary Eisenkraft, searching for the puzzle parts to help out her Mom on the "in-the-works" book on the Montreal Music Promoter. Stay tuned.
Enough creative firepower in the room to produce "Gone with the Wind." So the rumours of Folk Music's demise have been greatly exaggerated...
A new "Folk Boom?" Well, with sparkplugs like BM's show goin' off here and there, like Chuck Berry(Who? SLAP!) would say, "You Never Can Tell..."

Bankster: Roger time we play...