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Posted By: Peace
06-Jan-08 - 05:34 PM
Thread Name: Bruce Murdoch podcast
Subject: RE: Bruce Murdoch podcast
I can't thank y'all enough for your kind words and messages and reactions. The gig was lots of fun for me and I re-met people I hadn't seen in decades. People with whom I grew up, some others with whom I narrowly missed spending the occasional night in jail, musicians I used to go listen to and given the opportunity still will. Many many people rode or drove long distances to come say hello and I was happy I didn't disappoint them--at least I don't think I did. I owe thanks--big time--to Noah, Ron, Shane (NOT the one from Blind River), Mike and many more people who worked 'behind the scene' to ensure things went accordingly. The sense of audience was very relaxing and I had fun telling a few stories--various mixtures of truth, fabrication and on occasion down-right lies. Adrien and Bob and their respective wives mushed dog teams through a howling blizzard (that's an example of a fabrication) to get there, Rocky Dalonzo ( who can be heard at that site and who is the same great guy he always was--age has been very kind to him because he doesn't look a day over 93 that's an example of a down-right lie but I have more hair than him which is an example of me bragging; Mike R and his wife who trecked through waist-deep snow drifts so Mike could do the MC work. To say I enjoyed myself would be a severe understatement. Someday C Ham and I will be formally introduced. And I cracked up when Bob R came with a few CD-copies of two old albums of mine and asked if I'd autograph them with the following: 'The sex was great, Bob. Bruce.' Of course I did sign them. However, never having been one to let things ride, I then inquired if he'd ever seen his aunt naked, and if not, would he care for some pictures. And he, never one to let things ride said "Only if they're in colour" (because he already had them in black and white). Bob is a class act whom one has to experience rather than just meet.

Some points brought tears to my eyes, one of which was the number of people who remembered the words to "Go, Lassie, Go". (I was one of the people who remembered thus lending credence to my proposition that my memory is as good as ever--that's another example of a down-right lie, but when the singers (most people in the room) did harmonies and sounded as good as the Mormon Tabernacle Chorus (the word 'Choir' was taken by some group in Utah), it got me in the heart, as have so many of the postings on this thread. So it was a time of good things for which I am grateful and thankful.

Merci bien beaucoup for all the encouragement, the hugs and the kisses--but I gotta tell ya, some of you guys have got to either shave or let it grow. This two-day-old beard stuff scratched the sh#t out of my tender cheeks.

I wish so many other folks could have been there because the evening was for those I sang to. There or not, it came from the heart and that's where it will keep coming from. Thank you all.