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Posted By: Jim Dixon
16-Jan-08 - 09:47 AM
Thread Name: Invitation To The Blues by DW Ditty
Subject: Lyr Add: INVITATION TO THE BLUES (Fisher, et al.)
I've been listening to sound samples, and I figure I have pieced together nearly the whole song--but see the footnote.

I also figured out Doris Day must have been the vocalist who sang this song with Les Brown and His Band of Renown. This is probably the oldest of the songs that go by this title:

Doris Fisher, Arthur Gershwin & Allan Roberts, 1944

1. My heart was all dressed up to go dancing.
I had a brand new shine on my views.
The roses you sent for, the line that I went for,
Was just an invitation to the blues.

2. The very thought of love was entrancing.
I figured I had nothing to lose.
Your smile so elusive, that kiss so exclusive,
Was just an invitation to the blues.

BRIDGE: I went to town, priced a wedding gown,
Put my little red book on the shelf.
I even hired a hall, got the band and all,
And marched down the aisle by myself.

3. I guess you can't depend on romancing.
It puts your heart right down in your shoes.
Instead of a wedding, for which I was heading,
I got an invitation to the blues.

[However, according to the listing at The Indiana University Sheet Music Collections, there is a verse that begins, "What will I do with these wedding gifts?" Maybe this verse was never recorded.]