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Posted By: Alex
26-Feb-98 - 07:08 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: The Twentieth Century Is Almost Over
Subject: RE: Lyrics please:20th Century's Almost Over
There are lots of nice people at this site, Max included. Thanks to Dale for pointing me to the Goodman site. I didn't come here with the intention of defining "Folk" music nor would I presume to try. I just like playing it and listening to it (whatever "it is). Unfortuneately there are those among us who dare to try to put everything in little packages and tag them. Why does everything need to be tagged at all? In this instance I very politely (I even said please in the thread heading) for lyrics. What I get is a snippy reply from the anonymous folk police (although come to think of it, maybe all the messages in a folk music forum SHOULD be ANONymous!). It just ticked me off. If it happens again, I expect I will be just as vitriolic in reply.