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Posted By: Lowden Jameswright
19-Jan-08 - 01:28 PM
Thread Name: Martin OM28-V Fingerstyle guitar
Subject: RE: Martin OM28-V Fingerstyle guitar........
... go with your ears and hands - try to ignore the Logo on the headstock; it sometimes gets in the way of common sense. Advice like "if you buy a Martin it will hold it's trade-in value" should be tempered with the line "but remember you pay twice the price of an equivalent guitar in the first place".

Glad you enjoyed the "Fretkiller" Youtube clips - I know you're only a beginner, but it helps to watch a pro with good technique so you can develop good habits and technique yourself. He has especially good technique, whereas "Deltabluestips" has the habit of resting his little finger on the soundboard while he plays - NOT good technique. In some of his clips he shows he has problems with his right hand and fingers - including use of an elastic wrist band. Now maybe this isn't directly related to his finger position, but it is quite likely.

Good luck - let us know how you get on