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Posted By: reggie miles
19-Jan-08 - 10:28 PM
Thread Name: Martin OM28-V Fingerstyle guitar
Subject: RE: Martin OM28-V Fingerstyle guitar........
I had an old one years ago. It was a 1928 00028 with an OM scale length. It had scalloped braces along the back that were thinner than anything I've ever seen on any of the newer reproductions.

When I first heard that makers were trying to reproduce it I had high hopes that I could purchase a newer one and it would offer the same feel, but no such luck with any that I've played so far.

I learned a valuable lesson the day that I let that one slip by me. That's the big fish that got away and I've been fishin' for it ever since.

It's even difficult trying to talk to luthiers today, who all are quite naturally proud of their creations. So many are willing to produce something that might look beautiful and that has perfect action but no soul. They're largely all over built.

They probably build them that way because they look around and see everyone else doing likewise and figure if they are going to compete they must produce something similar. The problem is their lack of imagination with regard to structural experimentation.

Everyone wants to be the next mass market provider like Martin. There's a lot of $ to be made in that role, instead of being the next master designer, like Lloyd Loar. His goal was quality not quantity. Of course, his instruments today are not only highly valued because there are so few of them but becuase of the way they sound.

I think that many makers are willing to produce mediocre or moderate quality instruments today simply because they can do so inexpensively and sell them to the vast beginner and mid-level ability player markets cheaply. It's a good business plan and many are profiting well from this approach.

That's why it's getting harder to find a really fine guitar out there, even among manufacturers that once held high quality above all else.